Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reminder: Thirds to Premier Wednesday!!

Didn't want anyone to forget and decide to do the dishes rather than watch another potential Sabres' loss. Our new, throwback thirds will make their season premier this Wednesday, November 26th at home against Boston. Maybe it will be just the spark that this team needs to get things back on track!


Nov. 26 Boston Bruins
Nov. 28 Pittsburgh Penguins
Dec. 12 Toronto Maple Leafs
Dec. 19 Los Angeles Kings
Jan. 1* Toronto Maple Leafs*
Jan. 9 New York Rangers
Feb. 4 Toronto Maple Leafs
Feb. 6 Montreal Canadiens
Feb. 11 Ottawa Senators
Feb. 21 New York Rangers
Mar. 4 Montreal Canadiens
Mar. 12 Florida Panthers
Mar. 20 Philadelphia Flyers
Mar. 27 Toronto Maple Leafs
Apr. 6 Detroit Red Wings
Apr. 11 Boston Bruins

*Jan 1 is away game.


Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

This is a must win...It would be nice to associate the new thirds with a slump busting victory! Looking forward to it!

Drew Celestino said...

I definitely can't wait to see these babies on the ice. I wish the team weren't in this funk, as I think it will affect sales, thus sending a misguided message to Mr. Quinn that we don't want these beauties full time.

But, by the same token, I think it would also prove that success fuels merchandise sales, and that the ridiculous slug sales were a product of the team's hot streak on a Presidents Trophy season.

Either way, looking forward to seeing these unis this week. They are absolutely killer.

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...


Went ahead and edited your post with the full jersey schedule! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...


I hope the chant rolls down from the upper deck during the warm-ups the anthem and up until we take a
1-0 lead on the Bruins.

This victory in battle is because of your efforts. Let us reflect, smile and share a beer...but there is a war yet to be won.

Winter Classic jersey at home..this jersey our road jersey in 2010 !!!


LargeTimHortons said...

THANK YOU DREW !!!!!!!!!

now let's get the standing Red Buffalo full-time on the Bills helmets !!

Drew Celestino said...

You guys just made my day. But don't thank me. I wasn't alone in my sentiment for the slug. There was thousands of others who felt the same way, and it's because of all of them, all of you, that we're getting the jersey and logo we should have got 2 years ago.

I can't wait to see them in action tonight!!