Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gentlemen, We Have Details

The venerable Icethetics got a look at the new white away and oft-speculated-upon third jerseys and while he wasn't allowed to post pictures, he did spill the beans in his latest update to JerseyWatch 2010.

The Away Jersey
Since the last edition of JerseyWatch 2010, Icethetics has learned that the Sabres will wear a new road sweater — a white version of the new home jersey. It features a navy blue shoulder yoke piped in gold and a lace-up collar. To my knowledge, there is no shoulder patch on either sweater.

The Third Jersey
We also have new details on the Sabres' new third jersey. It's royal blue and celebrates the history of Buffalo hockey with a vintage white script across the chest inspired by the old Buffalo Bisons club. Beneath the script and set to the right side is the Sabres' 40th anniversary mark — the retro logo with 19 and 70 inside the blue circle.

The striping is somewhat unusual. Both the sleeves and bottom of the sweater feature two sets of yellow double-stripes — for a total of four stripes each around the sleeves an waist, perhaps symbolic of each decade the team has existed. The collar is yellow with vintage white laces.

Not sure at the moment whether the front of the jersey will feature the sweater number. However, the numbers will be vintage white with blue cross-stitching inside, as seen in graphics displayed on the Sabres' website. The nameplate on the back will be gold with royal blue lettering.

I reserve judgement on how the cross-stitched letters will look until I see them in person, but everything else sounds awesome. Comrades, think you guys can pound out come good looking concepts to post?

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