Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Campaign

With the official passing of the slug at 11:30 this Saturday, SabresNotSlugs needs a new mission. I say that it should be stomping out the last remnants of the slug around internet and elsewhere. I have already emailed WGR's internet design person asking that she remove the slug in the puck, but we should all do likewise whenever we find one (no, I'm not talking about beating up fans wearing their slug jerseys or defacing anyone's property; this is purely a passive, non-violent campaign.)

Other known slugs: HSBC jumbotron (perhaps the most important one to change) and the wire frame on


Drew Celestino said...

Stomping out the slug wherever it dares show its face can only be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! Born and raised in Buffalo, playing pond hockey. I havent felt this positive about the sabres look since the first switch(mad cow.) These jerseys might be just a cash grab for the sabres, but it really does restore a sense of civic pride to have the team look this good on the ice. These Jerseys should be the permanent jerseys for this team(maybe a new third every ten years to make owners and businesses some money and reignite the base.) Not to be negative, because i know that alot of five to ten year olds only know the slug and love it, but when is the Slug burning party to send the message to the sabres to never make a drastic and ridiculous design change again that insults the history of the sabres and hockey in Buffalo.( i know that people vote with their dollars, but there needs to be an exclamation point on that emphasizes how disgusting that Slug was). As an aside, I think this team is gonna be a beautifuly dressed BEAST this year, and i don't think im drinking the kool-Aid, some scoring improvement(individually), added grit and experience, continued excellent goaltending, and Health, and we have a good chance of a parade.