Monday, September 20, 2010

Success Stories

Whether or not I was really the impetus for change, two of my recent attempts to eradicate the slug have been successful. The first was a request to WGR550's website manager to change out the slug on the puck for something more current. Here is the result:

The second was a request to Andrew at (great website, by the way) to at least change the "2008-" on the most recent slug set to "2008-10". Well, he did me one better:

Now, to see if we can get those slugs off of the Jumbotron ...

Updates: now slugless except some ads, now slugless, and Sabretooth now has a third jersey. We're making progress!


Drew Celestino said...

Great job everyone. I haven't seen any pictures from the practice on Saturday, so I'm not sure if the slug still graces the scoreboard, but there's still time before the opener to be rid of it if it's still there.

Oh, and don't forget its shadowy figure still hanging around on Gotta take care of that. Likewise, still shows it as the Sabres primary on their top ribbon header.

Still work to be done.

carpandean said... is almost all classic now with just a few things like the Green campaign having the slug. has fixed their logos, too All classics now.

Finally, Sabretooth now has a third-jersey instead of the slug.

Drew Celestino said...

Very impressive!

Sorry to report that the slug is still indeed on the scoreboard for the time being.

Still time before the start of the season... C'mon Quinn. Don't screw this up.

Glen Cuthbert said...

They missed one.

Did you ask to fix it yet?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - the new threads look fantastic. Great to see the Sabres have returned to their roots with the original logo and colour scheme. Now, can you folks help us here in the Toronto area with the Blue Jays? We need the same thing here - the current logo and uniform design is just awful.

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

The Portland Pirates have properly updated their page too.

Anonymous said...

Earlier I was watching the San Jose-Vancouver preseason game on NHL Network. At one point, there was a short 10-second promo for the channel which had Derek Roy... WEARING THE SLUG JERSEY. WHAT THE HELL? You were showing the Sabres with their new threads only a few hours earlier, for god's sake!