Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A sharper representation of the new white jersey

Dave (DRUTKA), talented designer sent me this to illustrate is a less foggy fashion how the new whites look.

I know, the slug is dead, stop complaining...but I really don't like that bottom stripe pattern and don't know why blue wasn't used to match the old white jerseys. It throws the balance of the jersey off from top to bottom...the yellow does not blend with the blue shoulder yoke. Was keeping the stripe patterns the same as the Navy blue jerseys done as a cooking cutting production cost saver? Is the Sabres creative team over their head or something?


carpandean said...
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carpandean said...

I would think that the double stripes with the silver would have been the more complicated part to produce, so if it were a cookie cutter move, wouldn't they have matched the arms to the waist (i.e., yellow-blue-yellow)? That way, the home and aways would have the same silver combo.

Oh, and ... uh ... *cough* white laces *cough* (sorry Dave, couldn't resist.)

jadedpony said...

I agree, why yellow for the bulk of the striping? Too much yellow on white was the same problem with our away slugs and why nobody liked them. Why would they go and do the same stupid thing?

Great to have our whites back but why can't they just get something right for a change?

Drew Celestino said...

The yellow striping was likely done as a cost-cutting measure in the production of the jerseys. That or they just don't even realize it's different, which wouldn't surprise me given the "brain trust" over there.

Jim said...

I'm not complaining at least we don't have to look at the SLUG anymore thats all that matters to me.