Sunday, September 5, 2010

Possible leak of new away in NHL11

(Hat tip to Tom Doran )

Probably not 100% correct, as EA's jerseys are rarely perfect, but probably pretty close. It has the blue piping, though looking thick like that silver vertical stripes on the Slug jerseys, that I had on my concept.

So, I'm going with:


Phil said...

Chris from Icethetics is debunking that as a false leak, having seen the jersey himself. Also, in a video review of a lot of the jerseys in the game, the player covers the Sabres unis and both the away and third are still locked.

carpandean said...

That would explain why the vertical stripes are the same shape as the old slugs. Probably copied that part from the white slug and recolored it blue. If there are vertical stripes, I'd expect piping like the new homes (old thirds.)